Meet of mining logistics professionals with their suppliers of assets and services;
sharing their vision, challenges and experiences in search of added value.

There is no doubt that the PERUMIN 35 Logistics Meeting is of great importance because it brings together logisticians (internal clients, procurement officers, contract administrators, suppliers, contractors, transporters, etc.) in an ad hoc event to talk, meet, or get to know each other, exchange experiences and learn about new technologies, products or services that add value to our management. The pandemic presented us with challenges that we overcame together, one by one, in order to guarantee goods and services for the continuity of our operations and the construction of our projects.

Mining accounted for 64% of all our exports in 2021. It is evident that we are the strength of our economy, we will solidify it and make it sustainable by “Creating prosperity for Peruvians.” We are always looking for improvements that enable a more efficient use of our resources. This space is more than a meeting; it is essentially a great opportunity for all mining logistics stakeholders. The most important companies worldwide operate or have projects in Peru. To put it in football (soccer) terms, that would be akin to playing in the Champions League, not just any league.

The meeting includes three segments, with a moderator and 4 panelists of vast experience and knowledge of the topics they will address. We will start with Benjamin Quijandria and the opportunity to develop and strengthen a Mining Cluster in Peru, we will continue with Jose Antonio Valle to talk about the global uncertainty and the challenges we have in the supply chain and we will end with Ralph Alosilla-Velazco who will discuss with the panelists what it means to be a Strategic Partner.

You are invited to PERUMIN 35 and especially to our Logistics Meeting on Thursday, September 29, from 3:00 to 6:00PM at Sala Herbert del Carpio (previously known as Chachani II).

Yours truly,

Ricardo Andujar



15:50 - 16:10

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