PERUMIN Hub seeks to promote collaboration among innovators, as well as between innovators and mining companies. To that end, we make available two connection tools.

Matchmaking 1 (MM1)

In this platform local and international innovators will be able to connect to complement strengths to reduce the barriers of the sector.

You will be able to connect from March 10 to July 18, 2022.

It will promote

  • The possibility for startups to collaborate with more commercially solid companies in Peru.
  • Technology transfer from academia, local and/or international to Peruvian industry/market.
  • Innovation introduced to Peru by connecting international and Peruvian companies that are familiar with the local market.
  • Diverse connections that allow enriching innovative proposals with the participation of key players that contribute to the generation of social impact.


To connect and collaborate, click here

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Remember that the proposals that have a collaborative strategy will be valued positively in the evaluation process of the contest.

Matchmaking 2 (MM2)

In this platform, potential solvers can submit a profile of their proposals to get feedback from the internal teams of the mining companies participating in PERUMIN Hub.

You can upload your solution profile from April 01 to April 28, 2022.

Proposal Profile Registration

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In this way, innovators will be able to adjust their proposals based on the feedback of potential users.

Remember that those proposals that have generated great expectation among the internal teams of the mining companies, measured in “likes”, will be positively valued in the evaluation process of the contest.


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