Lima, AUGUST 12 2022Perumin 35: Exhibitors to get assistance from young students thanks to volunteer program

Perumin 35: Exhibitors to get assistance from young students thanks to volunteer program

On its 35th Edition, PERUMIN Mining Convention, together with the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP), has launched the Volunteer Program aimed at young students from universities and technical schools who wish to be part of the mining activities and learn more about the latest developments in the industry.

In an interview given to the event organizer, Tomas Gonzalez, leader of the Volunteer Program, shares more details on this major initiative and invites exhibitors participating in PERUMIN to request volunteers to assist them with the exhibition at their stands during the five days of the event.

What is this Volunteer Program about?

The Program offers senior students of the various majors from different universities and technical schools in Peru the opportunity to assist in the many activities during the 5 days of PERUMIN.  

·        A great number of volunteers will give support to different commissions of IIMP – PERUMIN.  

·        Others will assist at the exhibition stands.

What is the main purpose of this Program? What is the idea behind it?

The main purpose is that future professionals, those who will take the reins of both the mining industry and Peru, be able to expand their knowledge about mining, understand and learn that the industry has high standards and, how important it is for our country’s development. They will also have access to excellent services and products from the companies they will assist as volunteers.   

Who may participate? What requirements should be met?

Students in the last years of the various majors from different universities and technical schools in Peru, preferably from the upper third.

What companies will participants be applying to?

Students registered will be kept in a database where companies will select them from, based on the skills required.

How does this program benefit young students?

All students selected will have access to EXTEMIN, so if they go and assist a stand, they will learn about the products or services the company offers and hopefully begin a relationship with the company that could last.

Volunteers will also get:

·        Training prior to the event.

·        Conferences for volunteers (Friday 30, from 15:00 to 18:30)

·        Volunteer Certificate issued by IIMP

·        Participation Certificate issued by PERUMIN.

·        Uniform provided by IIMP.

·        PERUMIN case.

What are the benefits companies will obtain from this program?

To have volunteers with the appropriate skills required during the 5 days of PERUMIN.

Volunteers are the future leaders of mining and future decision makers who will have the opportunity to learn about the products and services the companies offer.

We also hope that based on their performance; volunteers will be considered to be part of them.

Which platform is implemented to send the applications to? Until when will applications be accepted?

Registration is through the universities, some technical schools, and institutions associated to mining. To this effect, letters were sent to different universities and technical schools, like Amautas Mineros and SME Perú.

How are the exhibitors' requests for volunteers going?

This great program depends largely on every exhibitor selecting one volunteer for their stand.

So far, there is a significant number of companies that have requested volunteers, however there are still some that have not. Therefore, I urge them to be part of this great initiative and request volunteers. 

For questions about the program, call these numbers: 955 750 108 and/or 942 788 468.

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