Arequipa, JULY 11 2022Mayor of Bustamante y Rivero: “PERUMIN is a global event that fills us with pride and satisfaction.”

Mayor of Bustamante y Rivero: “PERUMIN is a global event that fills us with pride and satisfaction.”

The district of José Luis Bustamante y Rivero in Arequipa is one of the two jurisdictions where the Cerro Juli Convention Center, official venue of PERUMIN 35, is located. This venue will accommodate 50,000 visitors from different parts of the world from September 26 through 30, 2022.

We interviewed Paúl Rondón Andrade, mayor of this district, who, as host of the event, discussed his expectations about this world-class convention, which returns to Arequipa after a few years of absence due to the pandemic.

 What are your expectations about the return of PERUMIN to Arequipa?

Well, I believe that it is a global event that fills with satisfaction and pride not only the district of Bustamante y Rivero, but also Arequipa and the whole country. We, as a municipality, always work hand in hand with private companies to improve the living conditions of our people.

What commitments have you taken on as a district vis-à-vis the event at Cerro Juli?

We have talked to representatives of the Cerro Juli Convention Center and the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers to think of some ways in which we can work together and what we can do in the surroundings of the venue. But, in general terms, I believe this joint work is worth highlighting because it benefits our population.

The Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers has invited you to take part in PERUMIN, with a space in its technological fair EXTEMIN, along with the municipality of Hunter. What do you think?

I think it is fantastic. This will enable us to have a space where we can showcase the Bustamante y Rivero district’s beauties and virtues, as well as all the work we are doing here. As I told the representative of the IIMP, we have been working very hard in terms of the environment, with our 251 green areas, which the population needs to know about, and this will be an excellent opportunity to tell them. We appreciate it.

About PERUMIN 35

PERUMIN is one of the most important mining events in the world. It has managed to position Peru as the meeting point for international delegations, government authorities, company representatives, mining professionals and technicians, and scholars, among others, to discuss major topics relating the mining industry. 

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