Lima, AUGUST 4 2022Federico Tarazona: Energía Peruana expects double-digit growth due to investment in equipment and outstanding service

Federico Tarazona: Energía Peruana expects double-digit growth due to investment in equipment and outstanding service

PERUMIN 35 will be the third consecutive edition in which the company Energía Peruana will take part, not only as the one responsible for the backup power supply, but also as part of EXTEMIN, where it will present novel energization solutions. Federico Tarazona, technical representative, gives us all the details in this interview.

How does PERUMIN help Energía Peruana achieve its objectives?

By considering Energía Peruana as a leading company in providing comprehensive solutions of temporary energy and compressed air in the main sectors driving the Peruvian economy, such as the mining, fishing, agro-export, construction, and industrial sectors. Our leadership has been built over more than 22 years of experience, offering quality services with highly specialized professionals, who focus on providing high-level services and innovation, with excellent occupational safety. This is perfectly integrated with a fleet of equipment according to the needs of the leading companies in the market operating in the most demanding realities and in the main development projects in Peru.

In this sense, PERUMIN 33 and 34 helped our main clients to get to know the true dimension of Energía Peruana, and we are sure that at PERUMIN 35 we will reinforce our image of service, safety, and innovation. The participants in the PERUMIN fair share these objectives, and that leads us to create spaces to generate value.

What solutions does Energía Peruana plan to showcase during the mining convention?

Despite the difficulties of the pandemic, Energía Peruana bet on Peru and increased the fleet of equipment of all capacities, especially 1,500 kW and 2,000 kW generators; normal (120 PSI), high (150 PSI), and super high (from 350 to 500 PSI) pressure compressors of large volume, switchboards, automatic transfer switches and paralleled between generators or with the public grid, and remote management.

All this allows us to offer power solutions for cold reserve, plant shutdowns, support during peak hours, works in construction sites of new mining units, innovation in cleaner energy sources, remote management of equipment, among others.

These solutions can be provided through rental services, equipment sales or a combination of both. We are specialists in generator sets and air compressors.

During the fair we will have specialists to answer questions and attend to the needs of our customers.

For Energía Peruana, PERUMIN is an event of utmost importance. During the fair, we will present the PRAMAC brand, the third largest manufacturer of generator sets in the world and leaders in the manufacture of LED lighting towers. Energía Peruana has been appointed its official distributor in Peru as of 2022.

What are the company’s most important accomplishments with its mining customers?

We are proud to share some of our achievements with the main mining companies in Peru:

  • We have contributed to the achievement of our clients' objectives through the fulfillment of their operations, whether they are regular services or plant shutdowns.
  • We take part in operations in easily flooded pits and tailings ponds, supplying emergency power for pumps when the public grid fails.
  • We also supply all power when the public grid goes into maintenance during plant shutdowns.
  • We take part in the construction of new mining plants, supplying power for camps and construction processes of the new mining units.
  • We are providing services of generators working in parallel with each other or with the public grid in large mining units.
  • We offer generator set service using remote maintenance management as a tool.
  • We show that Energía Peruana is at the same level as large global companies.

These achievements are based on solid pillars. Our first pillar is our highly qualified technical staff, who is characterized by having many years of experience, having specialized engineering knowledge, being certified, receiving ongoing training, and working within the framework of an occupational safety policy of excellence and care for the environment.

Our second pillar is the infrastructure and technology that we work with. We have five plants (2 in Lima, 2 in Arequipa, and 1 in Ica), remote monitoring of equipment, drying ovens for the preparation of generators, test pits for generator sets up to 2,000 kW, and storage service for mining companies in Lima and Ica.

Finally, the third pillar is our own transportation fleet, which consists of mining trucks, truck cranes, and tractors.

Based on these 3 previous points, Energía Peruana is self-managed, which allows for a quality and timely service.

4. What are your expectations in terms of sales and market share this year?

In the markets in which Energía Peruana works, especially in the equipment rental market, there are no market studies; however, the objective set is a double-digit growth. This growth is backed by the investment made in equipment, the focus on service excellence, technical capabilities and experience, the support provided by the company’s solid pillars, safe work, and respect for the environment, all of which ensure that we will meet our growth objective.

5. What mines are you in and what new projects do you expect to be part of?

It is a pleasure to share that we are part of our clients’ temporary power solutions through the rental and sale of equipment in the most important mines in Peru, especially in the center and south of the country.

Energía Peruana's highly qualified personnel, the infrastructure and technology built and developed by the company, and a fleet of equipment and transportation of our own make us a self-managed company, which allows us to act quickly, efficiently, and effectively. We ensure equipment preparation and support with the quality and speed critical operations require from our plants in Lima, Ica, and Arequipa.

We proudly share that we are the emergency energy suppliers for PERUMIN 35, one of the most important mining conventions in the world, as we were in PERUMIN 34 and 33

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