Lima, JULY 12 2022 PERUMIN Hub: You have until July 18 to take part in the most important open innovation program in Peru

PERUMIN Hub, the most important open innovation program in the country that seeks solutions to the great challenges of the mining sector, invites innovators not to miss the opportunity to submit their proposals and win the support they need to achieve their commercialization. The deadline to submit applications is this upcoming July 18.

This program is part of PERUMIN 35, an event where finalists of the contest will have an exhibition space and which is organized by the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP) and the Peruvian Mining Innovation Hub (Hub), both institutions committed to encouraging mining’s role as a sector that innovates in community.

The main objectives of the competition are to foster innovative solutions for the mining industry; to facilitate the consolidation of innovations through collaboration; and to recognize successful innovations in order to favor their commercial takeoff in the sector.

Given that the goal is to meet the main challenges facing the mining sector, 11 specific topics have been considered to be addressed and have been grouped into 3 areas:  Water Resources, The Environment and Sustainability, and Mining 4.0.

Based on the maturity of the proposals, there are 3 categories: innovations to be validated, which are those innovations that have a prototype to be validated; successful innovations, which are those innovations that have already been tested with satisfactory results; and innovative collaborative models, which are those whose focus is the work model and the potential impact on shared value generation, regardless of whether they are to be validated or are already validated.

For further details, download the rules of the contest from the following link:

To apply to the competition, submit your proposal and fill out the required form at the following link:

For further inquiries, please feel free to contact us at or visit our web page


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