Lima, MAY 26 2022 PERUMIN HUB: Contest for innovators with technological and collaborative-model solutions for the mining industry starts

  • Until July 18 innovators will be able to submit their solutions to the challenges facing mining companies
  • Winners will be given a space at PERUMIN 35th Mining Convention to be held in Arequipa from September 26 to 30


PERUMIN Hub, the most important open innovation program of the mining industry, has launched a new call for innovators with technological and work-model solutions to respond to the biggest challenges of the mining sector. The deadline for submission of proposals is July 18. The finalists selected at this stage of the contest will have an exhibition space at PERUMIN 35th Mining Convention, an event to be held in Arequipa from September 26 to 30.

PERUMIN Hub is a program sponsored by the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP) and the Peruvian Mining Innovation Hub. It aims to bolster the development of innovative solutions to respond to specific challenges of the mining industry, to facilitate the consolidation of innovations by means of collaboration, and to acknowledge successful innovations and help their commercial takeoff.

To identify and characterize the 11 challenges identified for this new call, PERUMIN Hub worked together with 18 mining companies and key allies of the sector. These challenges are concerned with three areas: water resources, the environment and sustainability, and mining 4.0.

“This second edition of PERUMIN Hub will address not only common challenges among mining companies, but also challenges shared with key stakeholders in order to maximize the value of the solutions. The challenges deal with a variety of topics, such as participative management and use of the water resource, decarbonization, collaborative models for mine closure, use of technology applied to the mining industry, and so on,” detailed Pamela Antonioli, general manager of the Peruvian Mining Innovation Hub.

It is worth highlighting that, for this second edition, three categories have been established, namely: technological innovations to be validated, which includes those innovations that have gone through the conceptual validation phase and have a prototype to test in the field; successful innovations, which includes solutions validated in the past few years and that are already working; and innovative collaborative models that focus on the work model and its potential impact beyond the mining company by generating shared value.

“Modern and responsible mining commits to the development of its environment and salutes the existence of actors that converge and share a vision. PERUMIN will give the opportunity to different innovators to present their projects before different audiences, thus magnifying their impact and boosting their development,” underlined Roberto Maldonado, director of IIMP and president of the TIS Forum.

The rules of PERUMIN Hub are available at To apply, proposals are to be submitted though this platform For more information about the program, please visit

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