Lima, APRIL 18 2022 PERUMIN Hub: 18 mining companies provide feedback to innovators from around the world

  • The program is currently receiving innovative proposal profiles from Asia, Europe, the Middle East and America to solve challenges in Mining 4.0; Environment and Sustainability; and Water Resources.


PERUMIN Hub, the main collaborative innovation program that seeks solutions to the challenges of the Peruvian mining sector, initiated its second stage with the linkage processes known as matchmaking.

The platforms free of charge seek to connect innovators between them, as well as innovators with mining companies. To date, we already have the participation of innovators from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Spain, the United States, France, Israel, the Republic of Korea, Sweden, and Peru.

The first platform, Matchmaking 1, seeks to strengthen the innovative community of the mining sector through an agile networking tool that will be available until July 18. In turn, the Matchmaking 2 platform will enable innovators from around the world to receive feedback to their proposal profiles from the professionals of the 18 participating mining companies. The Matchmaking 2 platform will be available until April 28. 

“The Matchmaking 2 platform offers the possibility not only to present the profile of your proposal to the potential client, the mining company, in an agile way, but also to receive valuable feedback from different collaborators of up to 18 mining companies”, pointed out Pamela Antonioli, General Manager of the Mining Innovation Hub of Peru (Hub).

This is the second edition of the most relevant open innovation program of Peruvian mining, a program that emerges from the alliance between the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP) and the Hub, institutions committed to charting a course to position mining as the sector that innovates in community and that guides innovators fostering their growth, consolidation and commercial take-off in the mining sector.

For additional information about PERUMIN Hub, you may visit the following link: and to Access the Matchmaking 2 platform, please go to:

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