Lima, MAY 13 2022 Metso Outotec presents innovative platform called Virtual Inspection for remote inspection of grinding mills at PERUMIN Hub

Metso Outotec keeps creating new technologies to improve the productivity and sustainability levels of the mining industry in Peru. Its most recent innovation, Virtual Inspection, has completely transformed mill inspection tasks: it allows knowing when to reline, how to optimize the design, and how they operate.

Virtual Inspection is participating in PERUMIN Hub, the largest collaborative innovation platform of the Peruvian mining sector. The important benefits of the tool were showcased during the most recent edition of Mining Thursday, an event organized by the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers.

Jhino Silva, Support Engineer Wear Analysis SAM at Metso Outotec, explained that in the past the inspection of grinding mills was conducted on site, manually or using ultrasonic meters; however, these methods were complex and risky for employees, given the mill’s confined spaces and year-round operation.

“In the past few years, we have worked with 3D scanning, which allows us to comprehensively review all mill linings in less time. Yet, we are determined to take a step further towards virtual reality to facilitate inspection tasks and prevent workers from being exposed to risks in the mills,” commented the expert.

Efficient and safe inspection

By using Virtual Inspection, the operator will be able to enter the grinding mill virtually from anywhere in the world and analyze the lining inspection and its results in a safe, immersive, and collaborative manner, with access to functions like free movement inside the mill, distance measuring, profile assessment, and incorporation of comments into the inspection.

“This tool is unique in the world, since it reduces the costs and times of the information collection process, improves the health and safety of workers, improves remote accessibility to the facility for executive and technical personnel, as well as for students, and mitigates the contamination caused by the trips to the plant in combustion vehicles,” emphasized Jhino Silva.

Quicker results

The application takes 5 minutes to scan the grinding mill and 10 minutes to process the data automatically. Then, for about 1 or 2 hours, monthly collaborative analysis reports of the facility are prepared to provide information that can be useful for intelligent debates and decision-making processes that will contribute to the company’s success.

“Through Virtual Inspection, we can produce quicker and safer wear reports, gain thorough and detailed insight, assess optimal liners for all conditions, and more accurately plan maintenance activities,” affirmed Metso Outotec’s Support Engineer Wear Analysis SAM.

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