PERUMIN has forged a bond with Arequipa for many years, and it has become the official headquarters of the Mining Convention. The White City is famous for the special whiteness of its ashlar, the volcanic rock that abounds in this area, and with which its churches and palaces were built.

Furthermore, the warmth of the people of Arequipa, who have made their city an attractive tourist destination due to its history, traditions, culture and gastronomy, as well as the city’s mining and business potential, have been the main factors in making it the ideal scenario for this prestigious mining event.

On the days on which PERUMIN takes place, it becomes the main driver of commerce in the city, promoting tourism, transport and gastronomy, among others, due to the gathering of thousands of people, both national and foreign.

In this edition, we return to the Cerro Juli Convention Center, occupying more than 17 hectares for Perumin 34.

We look forward to seeing you.

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