• The ten projects will present their social and business impact models in Perumin on September 19th.
  • Winners may travel to China and Chile, and receive technical support from NESsT and Agora Partnerships.
  • Perumin Inspires is an initiative of the Institute of Mining Engineers and the International Potato Center, with the support of Kunan, the Peruvian social entrepreneurship platform.

Lima, August 28, 2018.- Perumin Inspires is the first award aimed at social entrepreneurship with an impact on the reduction of social and economic gaps that contribute to the sustainable development of the populations found in the Peruvian Andes.

The Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers, the International Potato Center and Kunan, developers of the initiative, announced the 10 finalists of this first edition. The winner will receive specialized training thanks to Agora Partnerships and NESsT in Chile and Peru, respectively. In addition, the International Potato Center will offer a business trip to China as a special price for the entrepreneurship that works with the native potato.

Reduction of maternal mortality and anemia through text messages in Quechua and Awajún, biodegradable bags based on potato starch from agroindustrial waste, or water purifiers with photovoltaic energy are some of the proposals under development by the selected enterprises. Proyecto Mama, Simbiosis, La Clotilde, Sonrisas Solidarias and Rankana are the five finalists in the category of “Active Social Entrepreneurships”, and Q'omer, Potabilizador FV, BeeArmy, Forplant and CAZAA, the five finalists of the “Innovative Ideas” category. The 10 finalists have been invited to PERUMIN to present their projects to the Mining Convention participants.

Entrepreneurship and social innovation are useful tools to deal with social and/or environmental problems. Perumin Inspires is a great effort focused on identifying and recognizing these actors, in addition to linking them strategically with the mining industry, promoting and catalyzing future alliances with large companies in this sector in the search for sustainable development of the Andes of our country.

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