It is sought that the issues that constitute a challenge for the sector are analyzed from three thematic axes: "innovation", "technology" and "sustainability".

Among the new features of the next edition of PERUMIN 34 Mining Convention, is the Technology, Innovation and Sustainability Forum (Foro TIS). A new proposition that aims to bring together more than 800 professionals and technicians for the analysis and debate of various aspects related to the mining industry, ranging from the operational, economic, legal, tax, environmental, water resources management, among others.

As explained by the president of the Organizing Committee of the TIS Forum, Miguel Cardozo, it is sought that the issues that constitute a challenge for the mining industry are analyzed from these three thematic axes: "innovation", "technology" and "sustainability".

"We need to innovate in the operative, in the administrative, in the way we manage our relationship with the communities and, of course, in environmental management. The idea of the TIS Forum is to establish axes that lead the debate on the different challenges that Peruvian mining addresses, sharing good practices and management experiences, both national and international", explained the vice president of the Institute of Mining Engineers of Peru (IIMP).

The TIS Forum will be composed of 4 rooms with their respective programs and speakers. On the exterior of each of them will be presented poster-type exhibitions in digital towers with touch screens, so that attendees can be aware of the topics that are developed and will be able to select the topic of their interest.

In the same rooms, in the afternoons, there will be 12 round tables on cross-cutting issues to the mining industry in which technological innovation brings substantial improvements, such as mining safety, underground mining, exploration, mineral processing, mining automation and generation of prosperity in the local and regional environment. New concepts and developments in environmental issues, financing modalities and social sustainability will also be discussed.

It should be noted that these 4 rooms will be interconnected for the development of 6 keynote lectures by speakers of great experience in the national and foreign field, as well as businessmen, authorities, academicians, etc.

"The TIS Forum will offer a range of topics that will cover the interest of the various professionals in the mining industry, from engineers, geologists, economists, lawyers, specialists in environmental and social issues. Likewise, it will provide all the facilities to the participants for the follow-up of the conferences", said Cardozo.

The TIS Forum will be held within the framework of the PERUMIN 34 Mining Convention, an event organized by the IIMP that will take place from 16 th to 20th of September 2019 at the Cerro Juli Convention Center in Arequipa. The inscriptions are available HERE

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