In our striving for excellence, PERUMIN 34 Mining Convention will take place in the Cerro Juli Convention Center of Arequipa, Peru from 16th to 20th of September 2019, which has been structured on a base of three essential pillars: Innovation, Technology and Sustainability (TIS), the Mining Summit and the Mining Technology Exhibition (EXTEMIN).

In this edition, we seek to sow a seed in the hearts and minds of Peruvians, and especially in the young ones, that “the mining industry is not only about extract and export minerals”, but rather that it is a complex and responsible activity that transcends other sectors in a substantial way. We would like to show that the challenges of mining are a great opportunity for the development of our country and that we will achieve this essentially through scientific progress, cutting-edge technological innovation and education.

In order to convert the challenges of the mining sector into a source of opportunities for the knowledge industry, we are proposing an event that involves academia and the whole scientific and technological community under the motto: “Mining: Science, Innovation, Technology and Education”, thus attracting young professionals, students and pupils.

Therefore, I invite you to be part of PERUMIN 34 Mining Convention, which aims to achieve harmonious and integrated development of the country based on mining, but as a society with a future based on the creative innovation of its youngest professional staff, with the support of those in Peru who we have bet on and always believed in.

I look forward to seeing you in Arequipa!

Carlos Gálvez

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