The IIMP will present four economic studies during PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention.

The mining event will gather 68 000 participants and 04 economic studies to be discussed.

Peruvian mining is again in a good time, thanks to the recovery of metals price. A proof of this is the mass response to the 33 edition of PERUMIN Mining Convention, one of the most important mining events in the world that will be held from September 18 through 22 at the campus of the Public University of San Agustín of Arequipa.

“It is important to note that the Mining Technological Fair - EXTEMIN has 1642 stands and the event will gather about 68000 participants, which confirms the change to a positive trend in the sector”, asserted the engineer Víctor Gobitz, chairman of IIMP.

The executive added that this new edition not only will have more meetings (seven instead of five), but some key topics will be included for its debate.


Regarding this, the engineer Gobitz details that the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP) has entrusted the draft of four economic studies related to challenges faced by the mining sector.

For example, one of them will analyze the gaps in the Peruvian mining competitivity, under the light of the last survey from the Fraser Institute, that places us at the top of all the Latin American mining nations.

“In the same manner, we are preparing an updated report about the microeconomic impact of mining in Peru, and another about the best mining practices managing water resources, where Cerro Verde, Milpo, Vale and Chinalco are the best examples of this”, mentioned engineer Gobitz.

Finally, the IIMP has requested Gerens, a Graduate School, a comparative analysis about mining industry planning in six countries: Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

“The IIMP keeps wide knowledge that we will like to use to become an opinion leader”, ended engineer Gobitz.


  • The Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers mission is to contribute to the professional growth of its active Members through spreading high-level academic knowledge and technological innovation, as well by fostering good responsible practice, pillars to strengthen the mining sector.
  • The Mining Technological Fair (EXTEMIN), will have 1642 stands that will welcome more than 1000 national and international suppliers that will present the latest in trends and technological progress applied to mining.