Finland is the leader in sustainable mining and will be present in PERUMIN 33.

The expert stated that the Finnish government is very interested in Peru because of its great geological and economic potential.

Finland is not only a country known in the world for its successful educative model, but also for outstanding in other sectors, such in mining, where have been positioned itself into the market, thanks to its technology and innovation with the development of sustainable solutions.

Currently, this Nordic country has a strong mining cluster conformed by mine sites, important technological global companies, SMEs, subcontractors and organizations that offer training, research and project development.

Jorge Fernández, regional director of the Commercial Office of Finland stated, who offered the lecture called “Finland, leader in sustainable mining”, within the traditional framework of Mining Thursday, organized by the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers, on June 15.

“Finland has a long tradition in mining and is the birthplace of several global companies of technology, such as Metso, Normet, Outotec and Sandvik”, mentioned the specialist.

Finland has had hundreds of mines in operation since 1530 and enjoyed a mining boom in the beginning of 1900 when copper was found in Outokumpu.

The main ores currently exploited in Finland, include metals such as nickel, gold, copper, zinc and platinum, apatite phosphate, calcite and talc. “Finland is the first gold producer of Europe”.

As Fernández explained, one of the strategies of Finnish companies is to reduce the environmental impact, through the development of new technologies.

Its companies have specialized in water and technology management for this element, the use of tailings and barren, as well as offering solutions to improve the energetic and safety efficiency.

“Finnish products are not cheaper, but they comply with the environmental standards demanded in the world. Their principles are money saving, higher productivity and sustainability”, he asserted.

“For example, they are committed and challenged not to use fossil energies and to generate their own energies to not impact the life quality of its population”, he remarked.


Currently, Finland has more than 200 companies offering equipment, systems and services for the world mining industry. “They are specialized in all the stages of the mining cycle, from the exploitation to the mine closure. They have equipment and services throughout the entire chain of value”, he added.

The specialist announced that Finnish companies are present at PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention, event organized by the IIMP, which will be developed at the campus of the Public University of San Agustín, from September 18 through 22. “Thanks to the Finnish Government the SMEs are mainly present here”, he stated.

Finally, he mentioned that the Finnish government is very interested in the Pacific Alliance countries, including Peru because of its great geological and economic potential.

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  • Next Thursday, June 22, the lecture “Fostering the investment in Scientific Research, Technological Development or Technological Innovation (I+D+i) Act 30309, Tax Benefit applicable to projects of (I+D+i)” by Dr. Karin Fassbender, from the Sub Directorate of Innovation and Technological Transference – CONCYTEC