TV UNSA will broadcast live the mining event PERUMIN 33

University channel will have three broadcasting points to share all the details of this mega event organized by the IIMP.

The TV station of the Public University of San Agustín will broadcast live all the activities of PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention, mining event that will be held from September 18 through 22 in our university and that will gather thousands of students, professionals and mining funders in Arequipa.

This was confirmed by Jorge Calderón, representative of the University Department of Information and Communication Media of the UNSA, who stated that 3 broadcasting points will be strategically located at the venue, to record every relevant detail of the event and the key lectures of the Plenary Room, where authorities and noted representatives of mining worldwide will participate.

“The main set will be at the side of the main hall; we will have a microwave transmission and a digital backpack to cover the most significative events of the main rooms of PERUMIN. The entire programming will be suitable to the event”, he stated.

Calderón explained that they will have a varied and rich programming including interviews, daily features and a central live program where the best of each day will be summarized. “We have coverage in the entire city of Arequipa and connection with three systems of cable that multiply our signal to different points”, he stated.

Likewise, the programming live will be virtually shared through the official Facebook account of TV UNSA to generate a larger scope to different publics, that are pending of the main novelties of PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention. “The idea is that through this platform to reach inconceivable limits, basically to the young public”, he added.

The Audiovisual Production Centre TV UNSA was created in 1991, during the rectorship of Juan Manuel Guillén Benavides, and five years later it got its own signal through channel 45 of Arequipa, placing it as an alternative providing informative, cultural and entertaining programs with production quality standards. Also, the UNSA has University Radio, the official station working 15 hours a day in AM.


TV UNSA is broadcasted in the open signal channel 45, 90 in Cable Mágico and Cable Star, 18 in Cablemás, 10 in Cable Arequipa and 18 in Mega Cable.