The survey will be prepared by Ipsos Perú and it will be presented by Semana Económica during the Logistics Meeting.

The Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP) entered into an agreement with Semana Económica to develop a qualitative study about the current situation of the mining sector supply chain, which will be presented within the framework of PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention, event that will be held in Arequipa from September 18 through 22.

This was stated by Jorge Pancorvo Corcuera, chairman of the Logistics Meeting, who said that the study will be prepared by Ipsos Perú and that is aimed at the three sectors of the mining industry (large, medium and small mining companies), as well as at suppliers, contractors and logistics operators related to the sector.

“We are looking to create a baseline representing the reality of the mining logistics environment and of what are the existing challenges towards competitiveness”, stated the specialist.

He informed that the survey will focus on the main managers of the mining logistics environment to know the problems from their own points of view. Sais study will be handed out to the attendants of the Logistics Meeting.

Jorge Pancorvo noted that this research sets a landmark in the international mining world, since no similar specific studies on logistics has ever been developed. “We have reviewed studies from Canada, United States, South Africa and Chile, and failed to find a similar survey in Peru”, he asserted.

This research will need fourth months and will be presented and distributed by Semana Económica on September 19, during PERUMIN Logistics Meeting.

  • PERUMIN 33 will have 7 academic and business meetings: The Mining Business Summit, the Logistics Meeting, the Environmental Meeting, the Social Meeting, the Legal and Tax Meeting, the International Meeting and the Technology and Innovation Meeting.
  • PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention will be held at the UNSA of Arequipa and will occupy 10.7 hectares with the construction and enabling of exhibition areas, lectures rooms, among other common areas for the attendants.

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