Eighteen delegations attended the working breakfast lead by Ms. Isabel Arias, chair of the meeting.

On January 19, the second edition of the International Meeting was presented, one of the seven dialogue opportunities organized during PERUMIN 33rd Mining Convention, the most important mining event of Latin America, organized by the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP).

Thanks to the great welcome that the first edition enjoyed, this second edition, chaired by Ms. Isabel Arias, director of SIMSA, will be an opportunity for different international delegations to showcase their best potential in various topics such as, innovation, technology, trade, education, among others, related to the development of the mining industry.

The presentation was performed last Thursday during a working breakfast at the Club de la Banca y Comercio in San Isidro. Members of the organizing committee, embassies representatives, members of the IIMP board, as well as the chair of PERUMIN 33rd Mining Convention, Eva Arias de Sologuren attended.

“This meeting aims at gathering international leaders of countries with activities in the mining industry, either as suppliers or producers and to sharing new knowledge, technological advances that contribute to the development of mining”, said Ms. Isabel Arias, chair of the International Meeting.

Ms. Isabel Arias stated that this segment will have 9 attractive sections that will be of paramount importance and useful for the participants. “Many countries are interested in taking part of this meeting. Even some are forming blocks to participate in groups”, she added.

Delegations of 18 countries attended the work meeting, Canada, Chile, Sweden and Germany, among them, just to name a few. The German representatives were Thomas Schmitt, from the German Embassy and Antje Wandelt, General Director of the Peruvian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who made a presentation on their successful participation in the latest edition of the International Meeting.

We remember that Germany was one of the driving countries to hold the first International Meeting, that was celebrated during PERUMIN 32nd Mining Convention in 2015 and the I Peruvian-German Forum on Mining and Ore Resources.

“In this new PERUMIN we consider to celebrate a technical seminar where we will cover specific topics and concrete and interesting proposals will be proposed for the development of the Peruvian Mining Industry”, Antje Wandelt added.


This second edition of the International Meeting will also prepare a discussion panel that will be composed of various chambers of commerce installed in our country. “It will be a hinge block since the chambers are the link between the public and the private sector. In other words, among embassies and entrepreneurs”, added Ms. Isabel Arias.

This aims at strengthening international commercial relationships. “The countries have certain functions through their delegations and embassies, but the commercial part is closest to the private sector”, stated the chair of the International Meeting.

Also, Eva Arias de Sologuren, chair of PERUMIN 33rd Mining Convention, she highlighted that this year a special and well-located place has been granted for the International Meeting, considering its great importance for the industry and the country.


Each block will be aligned with the strategic PERUMIN 33rd Mining Convention, such as competitiveness and sustainability, which define the ideals of the mining industry and the motto of this new edition.

“PERUMIN motto covers wide topics, but we will mainly focus on education, technology, innovation and human capital. Likewise, environmental care topics and how to achieve sustainability progress will be addressed, based on the efficiencies that other countries are developing”, said Isabel Arias.

At the end of the second edition of the International Meeting a framework agreement will be signed with the attending countries to foster the development of the Peruvian mining industry and turn our country into an attractive place for business, organizers stated.

  • The International Meeting organizing committee is chaired by Ms. Isabel Arias and comprised by Mr. Carlos Diez Canseco, Mr. Enrique Méndez and Ms. Yolanda Laumer.
  • Anyone interested in participating of the International Meeting must submit an abstract including topics related with competitiveness and sustainability, until February 15, 2017. This should include duration, methodology and lecturers.
Last modified on 15 Feb 2017