Rohel Sánchez: “We are progressing and fulfilling all the assumed commitments for the success of PERUMIN”

Chancellor of the UNSA, Rohel Sánchez, talks about the development of this mining event organized by the IIMP.

We talked to Rohel Sánchez, Chancellor of the Public University of San Agustín (UNSA) who shared his appreciation of the progress of PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention, event organized by the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP) that will be held from September 18 through 22 at this university, located in Arequipa.

What are the progress regarding PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention at the UNSA?

After signing the cooperation agreement between UNSA and the IIMP, we have developed all the commitments and legal demands stated therein for the success of PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention. For example, we have started building the campus fence at the avenues Independencia and Paucarpata. Also, conditioning works ate the venue, inside the campus, have been developed and the high-level training program called “Towards PERUMIN” is being defined. This event will be very important for our students, professors and employees. That is part of the actions developed for PERUMIN to benefit Arequipa.

What is UNSA main objective for this second edition of PERUMIN at the campus?

Not only to be a sponsor but to actively participate of this event because, either wanting it or not, Arequipa, for its nature and geographical location has coexist with the mining activity. Therefore, the UNSA, as an emblematic institution of this region, must be at the service of the social and economic dynamic of the region, not only through a comprehensive education with knowledge, science and technology as from research, but with proposals with a huge impact on the population, with human development as the main axis. And we are committed to this with the activities under development for the success of PERUMIN.

Is it true that upon the end of PERUMIN 33 two emblematic works will be carried out?

Of course, within our infrastructure investment policy, we have considered to build a conventions center and a multi-purpose sport place in the Ho Chi Minh area, which will help us complying with the role stated on the University Act, such as fostering the mass practice of sports and to have a meeting place. In the Augustine community, we are about 40000 people and we do not have an area to carry out a big event, our largest space only hosts 540 people, so this university convention center will host more than 3000 people. We have all the contacts, there are companies that are willing to invest under the modality of tax for purposes, and that is how we will do it.

This is aligned to Arequipa vision of continue as the capital of conventions in Latin America.

We definitively want to be part of the economic development and growth of Arequipa, so with a convention center of that nature at the Engineering Area are, PERUMIN will enjoy a much larger auditorium to host the attendants of the next edition. This convention center will be placed between Av. Venezuela and Calle Universidad.

The UNSA has been strengthening its relationship with the mining sector, we have recently signed an agreement with Lulea University to implement a research center in mining. What have been the progress about this?

From June 12 through 16, we will welcome a delegation of scientists from the Technological University of Lulea Switzerland to carry out the design and the terms of reference regarding the construction and equipping the International Centre of Research and mining, that will be in Characato. We are certain that this research center will be a referent not only for Peru but for Latin America.

Which message would you give to the participants of PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention?

I invite you to register and participate of PERUMIN 33, but also to enjoy the goods of Arequipa, such as its cultural patrimony, the Colca Valley, its volcanoes and its gastronomy, that is the richest of Peru.


The UNSA has an official TV channel with a strong signal in Arequipa and the south of the country. This helps the broadcast of academic activities and news of Arequipa city, through its different communication platforms and social network. TV UNSA will also broadcast live the PERUMIN 33 activities.