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Stated Luis Marchese, chairman of the Mining Business Summit of PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention.

We met with Luis Marchese, chairman of the Mining Business Summit of PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention and gave us some insights about this opportunity for dialogue and analysis. Said meeting will have the participation of the executive directors of the most important mining companies in the country, public and private authorities, social leaders, as well as representatives of the populations related to the sector, who will discuss about the main topics of the national and international mining agenda.

What do you think about this new edition of PERUMIN Mining Convention?

It is already generating a lot of expectation. This year, we are enjoying more positive conditions for this great mining event. The metal price increase is perceived, which creates the conditions to attain a higher goal regarding visitors and conventionists, different to 2015. The city is prepared to welcome thousands of attendants, our services are more sophisticated, we keep working to improve the roads and, of course, we rely on the warmth of the people for the success of this Convention.

What is the approach this new meeting called “Mining Business Summit” will have?

The Mining Business Summit will focus on the motto of this 33rd edition of PERUMIN Mining Convention: Competitiveness and Sustainability; which perfectly define the objectives of the Peruvian mining industry.

What are the main thematic lines that will be addressed during this new meeting?

During this meeting, the situation of our industry regarding competitivity will be analyzed, starting with a worldwide approach moving towards a regional one. Discussion will be encouraged about the main challenges in the future to improve our competitiveness. 

Something similar will be done to talk about sustainability. The mining industry enjoyed a very important evolution in the last few years regarding practices related to this topic. We will see its current state; we will discuss about the future challenges and we will propose initiatives to strengthen the sustainability of our operations and projects even more.

Finally, we will discuss about which is the meeting point of competitiveness and sustainability, and the huge challenges we have to face to strengthen our industry.

In this edition, which impact do you expect to cause to the Peruvian business sector?

We expect to turn this Summit into an opportunity for reflection and to promote public policies and private practices that will foster the growth of the national mining industry.  The main objective is to continue as the engine that develops the country and that provides well-being to all Peruvians.

What is the importance of PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention in the current national situation?

Peru has suffered a sharp fall in mining investments. Considering the importance of this sector for the economic growth of the country, such deceleration represents a deterioration in the improvement of Peruvians well-being conditions. 

This must be reversed. We need to foster a new generation of mining projects while the improving the competitiveness of current operations. In this sense, PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention, the most important event of the sector, plays a paramount role as an opportunity for dialogue and to propose new ideas to achieve this goal.

Last modified on 27 Apr 2017