Stated Ms. Isabel Arias, chair of the International Meeting of PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention, event that will be held in Arequipa from September 18 through 22.

Lima, February 03, 2017. PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention, an event that has turn Peru into a world mining hub, is preparing everything to perform one of its seven meetings of analysis and debate: the International Meeting, a platform that will be the perfect showcase for the main countries tied to mining industry, interested in sharing their progress and experience in the mining world. In this interview, the chair of the International Meeting, Ms. Isabel Arias, gives us details of this transcendental meeting, PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention, where well-known lecturers will participate.

What is the objective of the International Meeting?

This meeting aims at gathering international leaders, related to the mining industry - suppliers or producers - to exchange new knowledge, such as technological progress that will contribute to develop the Peruvian mining industry.

What has been the answer of the countries attending the Working Breakfast?

At the end of the Working Breakfast we talked to the representatives of different countries linked to mining that honor us with their attendance and we already have some concrete proposals of countries that will join us in this event, as well as the requests of others with so much to share and that will confirm their attendance briefly.

Peru is a very favorable business and opportunities place to jointly develop initiatives. At present, the price of minerals is rising and, in my opinion (from now until September) new ideas will born that will enrich this meeting.

How many countries are expected?

Last edition was organized by Chile’s and Germany’s initiative that wanted to share their progress in mining. This is what fostered us to organize a formal meeting.

Eighteen delegations attended this Working Breakfast, but I know of some ambassadors and delegations that couldn’t attend due to prior engagements. We estimate a total participation of 12 to 15 countries.

How would the agenda of this Meeting will be?

It will comprise 9 interesting blocks that will bring important contributions for the attendants. Different countries are gathering to jointly attend two or three blocks, so they will structure something more coordinated and coherent. These alliances look very good. Our constraint will be more of space nature than of will to attend.

Since we address this point, how will the space be for this event?

We see a lot of enthusiasm, from the organizers and the attending countries. The architect Eva Arias de Sologuren, chair of PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention, informed that a special and well-located place has been granted for the International Meeting, considering its importance for the industry and the country.

What other novelties will this meeting bring?.

There is also the idea of fostering a panel conformed by different Chambers of Commerce with presence in our country. This is an amazing initiative originated thanks to the suggestion from the Chambers.

The countries have certain functions through their delegations and embassies, but we see that the commercial part - closest to the private company - requires a larger presence. Because of all this, we will have a “hinge block” since the Chambers are the connection between the public and the private sector, between embassies and entrepreneurs.

What are the topics that will be addressed during the International Meeting?

Each block will be aligned with the strategic PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention main ideas that are competitiveness and sustainability, which define the ideals of the mining industry and the motto of this new edition. PERUMIN 33 motto covers wide topics, but we will mainly focus on education, technology, innovation and human capital. Likewise, the environmental care progress and viable proposals on how to continue sustainability, based on strengths and efficient processes that other countries have been developing.

You mentioned, at the end of the meeting, a framework agreement will be signed with the attending countries.

That is the idea, I hope that everyone agrees. During the closing ceremony, we will share conclusions and recommendations and we expect to enter a framework agreement to foster the development of the Peruvian mining industry that will help our country to become an attractive destination for business.

Finally, what can we expect from this Meeting?/b>

I believe that it will be a sharing experience where alliances and associations will be born, mainly with Peru.

In PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention, we seek to increase the interest of the mining countries to share their knowledge for the development and benefit of mining in Peru.

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