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Milpo: “We will present our social and environmental management results at PERUMIN 33”

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Stated Tito Martins, CEO of Votorantim Metais, comptroller of Compañía Minera Milpo.

PERUMIN 33 Mining Compañía Minera Milpo is the ideal opportunity to show the results of your operations developed respecting the environment and with social development projects, as stated by Tito Martins, CEO of Votorantim Metais, comptroller of Compañía Minera Milpo. To this the good expectations with Magistral (Ancash) are added, which potential development will create jobs and benefit for the surrounding communities.

What expectations do Votorantim Metais and Compañía Minera Milpo have regarding PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention? What would you present as novelty?

PERUMIN is an ideal opportunity to gather the key actors in the mining industry, from the central government, local authorities, universities, civil society, etc. It is the best scenario to present the results of our daily work, that makes us proud, focused on what we are achieving in our social and environmental management.

We consider that is paramount to focus on this aspect since social awareness is an important part of our corporate management DNA. We are convinced that Corporate Social Responsibility and the focus on sustainable development add value to the organization and the regions where we are at. During our time in service, at the Cajamarquilla Zinc Refinery as well as at Milpo operations, we have reached results beyond satisfactory that positively impact the development of the communities in our area of influence.

During PERUMIN 33, we will present the value proposal that represents an integrated business, with success stories, such as the Cajamarquilla Zinc Refinery, one of the main and bigger refineries of Zinc in South America, which operations are carried out protecting the environment and with major projects in social development.

Likewise, as with our cases at Milpo, the operative standard at Cerro Lindo mine site where desalinized seawater is used for our production, added to an almost complete recirculation that ensures “0” discharges to the effluents next to the mining unit. All these cases will help the community to know which are the benefits of the social responsibility from formal mining.  

Do you consider that the mechanisms applied by the Government - to activate mining investment - are generating the expected results?

In general terms, I would say that we trust the measures promulgated by the Government to promote investment in the sector. It will be important that we can move forward with the stopped mining projects throughout the country, since they represent an important investment that will enable the development of several regions of Peru. We hope these measures will generate good results, considering the current context where base the price of base metals, such as zinc, copper and lead, has extremely increased.  

What is the current program of the mining operations and projects for Votorantim Metais, through Compañía Minera Milpo? What are the expectations for Magistral?

We have good expectations for Magistral, it already has a Feasibility Study and an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) approved by the Government. Its future development will generate jobs and well-being for the surrounding communities.

In general, we contemplate that current operations maintain a high operative standard and we hope to continue with our work by moving forward new mining projects in the country to keep contributing towards the development of our areas of influence.  

What are the strategic pillars to keep growing as a company and building good relationships with the communities around your operations and mining projects?  

We will firmly continue with the objective to become a competitive company in the global market and committed to sustainable growth. Based on this, we have four fundamental aspects of our comprehensive management: safety, commitment to the environment, social responsibility and people’s development.  

Based on these policies, we execute our 5 strategical pillars are focused on optimizing our current operations and developing our greenfield projects, to facilitate the generation of value and to develop a relationship, stronger each day, with all our stakeholders, mainly with the communities of our direct influence area. We believe that is essential to hold a dialogue to know their needs, expectations and fears to contribute to their development.  

We are aware that the care for natural water sources is an extremely important topic, mainly for the communities within the area of direct influence from our mining units. An example is Cerro Lindo mine site where we only use desalinized seawater for our mine operations. In this manner, the natural water sources from Topará ravine will remain intact, directly benefiting the population of Chavín agricultural community, at the high area of the basin and to the farmers of the Topará valley, at the lower area.  

At a general level, what are the forecasts for Votorantim Metais, through Milpo, towards the Bicentennial?

We maintain a single commitment: to keep developing a comprehensive mining business in Peru, with a clear strategy that coordinates competitiveness with sustainability of our business. Therefore, sustainable practices are part of our DNA and not only applicable with a purely economic interest.

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