Welcome Letter
Welcome Statement from the President of the Institute of Mining Engineers of Peru and the President of PERUMIN – 30th Mining Convention

Responsible mining is a major contributor to economic take-off in the country and the main attraction for investors. We are in no doubt that this is a viable development option for all sectors in the country.

There are projected investments of over 41 billion dollars in mining over the next five years which will further increase its positive productive and social impact. The mining sector currently benefits over 8 million Peruvians with the direct and indirect generation of jobs, and the implementation of over 200 sustainable development social programs which are carried out by over 80 mining companies in 20 regions of the country and actively include over 700 communities, thus ensuring income to improve the quality of education and healthcare. These indicators and figures are the grounds for the objectives of the PERUMIN - 30th Mining Convention motto: Mining for development.

On this occasion we are taking on ambitious challenges with a view to confirming and raising the standards reached over the years and which have led to the Convention being classed as a mega-event, one of the largest such international events and one of the most important mining events worldwide.

It is in this context that we will hold the Entrepreneurial Meeting, Operators Meeting, Logistics Meeting, Top Mining, and the EXTEMIN Technology Exhibition, which is renowned for the number of visitors and national and international companies which can foster business opportunities. In 2011, we expect to increase the number of exhibitors and offer visitors the latest in technology, services and supplies for the sector.

We invite you to this meeting point, which will not only allow us to exchange experiences and knowledge, but also to be part of the PERUMIN - 30th Mining Convention objectives, strengthening Peru's image as a mining country which sees its future in the development mining can generate together with other sectors.

Welcome to PERUMIN – 30th Mining Convention.

Miguel Carrizales Arbe
President IIMP
Oscar González Rocha
President PERUMIN – 30th Mining Convention